We do it all

Everything you can think of from fencing & gates, to doors and metal work. You name it, we can accomplish it.

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Gates & Fencing

Every kind of gate and fence under the Arizona sun, we have expertise in. Call us today and get a free quote and time frame for your own home or business.

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Security Doors

Keep your possessions your own with a home security gate. Re-enforced welds using the strongest metals available make breaking into or stealing your prized possessions virtually impossible.

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Custom Fabrication

Our favorite thing to do is bring your imagined projects to life. Our team of metal fabrication professionals will work with you to bring whatever you can dream into reality.

Professionalism, Easy, & Inexpensive

These are the foundation principals in which we ensure our clients are treated. Every job, no matter the size and scope are dealt with to the best of our abilities in this manner. Customer gratification is our most cherished strength.

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We Measure Success, On How Customers Rate Our Service.

Customer satisfaction is an incorrect benchmark, customer gratification is our only metric.

“ David took enough time with me to really help not only himself understand what I needed, but actually help me realize the full concept as well. It's incredibly rare these days to find a company so intensely focused on what the customer ACTUALLY wants, instead of just trying to sell them something. Bravo gentlemen, and thank you! ”

Jack Harper

“ HQ Metal Fab easily completed the project inside of our very strict deadline window, and dealt with our (not so friendly) investment team incredibly well. It's difficult to find anyone that can speak with our investors without becoming frustrated, but Mr. Martinez and his team we're so polite and went out of his way to make them happy. In the end our Investment team had nothing but good thing to say about them, which is insanely uncommon for them to do. Thank you HQ Metal Fab! ”

Paige Keller

“ We occationally subcontact deals out to the lowest bidder out on our solar power plant. Not only were they the most inexpensive, but they brought the most to the table all together. Will absolutly be using them again in the future whenever we can. ”

Rick Houpt

Our Team Of Professionals

Striving for professionalism is something we truly enjoy.

David Martinez Picture

David Martinez

The leader and face of HQ Metal Fabrications. Certified professional welder for over 8 years using all types of welding equipment including ARC, TIG, MIG, FCAW and all others. Also professonal painter for micro and macro properties.

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Picture of professional fencing operator steven ramirez

Steven Ramirez

Steven has been in the professional fencing industry for over 10 years and has an extremely high amount of experience with installations in the field. Steven carries a knack for all types of perimeter boundary installs and border lining capabilities.

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picture of david martinez senior

David Martinez Sr.

David is a professionally certified heavy equipment operator and carries all the necessary licenses for operating heavy machinery.

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